Tuesday, 25 April 2017


The top  photo is of half a celtic strapwork stone   set in the round tower of Aldham  Church. The other half of the same stone is  in the inside south wall  of the church.

A small part  of  our garden, now  looking  quite colourful. The enclosed box hedge surrounded area at the top  of  the photo  contains most of Ann's herb garden, although  the terra cotta tubs at the front of  the picture also contain herbs, the herb garden being pretty full. They get used a good deal. On 10th June the garden will be again  opened as part of the Highdale  hidden gardens display.  We'd no real  intention of  opening it again this year, but seem to  have been over ruled. Hilary has volunteered to help  again, so,  providing  the  weather's decent, it could be quite fun.

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