Saturday, 22 April 2017


Polstead Hall -  a view from the churchyard. Taken on Wednesday (I think).

Ruth took  this  one in Felixstowe on Thursday.

Yesterday  was a very busy day. We set out  about 7.30 a.m. and drove by minor roads to the airport where we deposited Ruth and  the Girls to fly  home (Sweden).  We then drove on to Cambridge, where we went to McKay's hardware and tool shop. I bought some silver soldering wire, etc., then went on to their metal ware department where I purchased some mild steel plate and brass plate for  the  workshop..
Then on to Regent Street, in Cambridge where we'd been invited, by our son,  to an eighteenth birthday party at an Italian Restaurant .  The birthday girl, Tia, is our son Jonathan's  step daughter . It was an interesting meal. I didn't know quite what to drink (as there was a chance that I might  have to drive at least   part of the way home). Jonathan suggested I have what he'd just ordered for himself, a salt caramel milkshake; he likes the stuff and thought I probably would too (I had me doubts about this but it turned out he was right) and I enjoyed it immensely.  It is drunk through a large bored straw, to protect the whiskers I presume. It was like having a delicious liquid pudding at the wrong end of the meal.  

After lunch we drove on to Stowmarket, so that  I could view an auction sale that comes up today (Saturday).  Then drove home, had a quick cuppa and changed for the evening, as we had an invitation for the viewing of the coming week's Art Exhibition in Saint  Mary's Church, an annual social occasion. Thoroughly  enjoyed it, but we were  both  wilting a bit by chucking-out time (9.30)

As I said at the start of this blog entry,  yesterday was a very busy day - I'm finding it heavy work being retired!

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