Sunday, 23 April 2017


Snapshot of  junior granddaughter  strolling  on  Felixstowe beach last Thursday.

Snapshot of her older  sister  working (and  I do mean WORKING) in our  garden during their week with us. It turns out that this  particular granddaughter has  a  gift  for gardening, and she  spent an  afternoon sorting out the tangled roots of sweet peas and morning glory, then planting  them  out and watering them  in. How well they do will, I think, depend on a complete  absence of late  frosts. We had a frost earlier in the week, so must hope that was the last. If all goes according to plan they (the girls that is, and Ruth) are planning  to return to us  for a week  in July, when  senior sister's efforts  should be bearing  flowers.   Be interesting to see.

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