Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Since 'retiring' I've made two sheet silver  'clock hand'  pendants. I   thought  photos of the different stages of manufacture might  be  interesting.  First of all find a decent sized piece of sheet silver (such as may be found  kicking around the  workshop in  any reasonably well  stocked home).

Then draw out the pattern wanted on paper, and stick it to the sheet silver using white 'office' glue.

Then drill holes in the 'clock hand'. The one  above had seven holes drilled in it. Then using a 'jewellers or piecing' saw, saw out the areas where there are to be holes in the pendant.

Then soak the paper from the pendant, engrave any area that needs the detail enhancing,  file up the clock hand, and  polish  the whole  thing.   The one  illustrated took a day to make.  It is  three and a half inches long and one and a half  inches across. It is the tenth one I've made over about forty years and I hope the intended recipient will like it, and will  not read this blog as it  might spoil  the  surprise.

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Rog said...

Wow! A true gentleman craftsman Mike! Very impressed.
I only deal in second hands :-(