Saturday, 31 October 2015


Dear Nea. This is to wish you a very happy (and significant) birthday. Four days ago in South Devon four Henshaws - Mikey, Sarah, Lucy, and Guy, and one Horner (your venerable father - meself) assembled on a beach to write you out a large and congratulatory greeting card. My job was to stand atop a bluff, overhanging the beach below, and to bellow directions at the four Workers (well within my skills still), whilst the others worked hard at writing our message in the sand.

 The above photo shows the task nearly completed, and the below shot shows three of the  workers congratulating themselves on having completed the task.

The below shot shows Guy and Lucy, a little later the same morning demonstrating some other of this remarkable family's equally remarkable skills.

The last picture above, shows our message to you again; and I wish to repeat that we ( your family here in England) all wish you many happy returns of this your birthday - have a good and happy one, Darling.
              Love from all your family.


stigofthedump said...

Lovely post Pa! Hope she sees it today!!!

Mike and Ann said...

They're out at the cottage. We've sung 'Happy Birthday' to her and told her to check the blog, etc when she gets home.
P.s. We thank you, Mikey, and the youngsters for a glorious holiday.

Crowbard said...

And so say all of us ~ Many Happy returns of the day Pooh ~

Nea said...

Cheers! That's the biggest birthday greeting I've ever seen.
Looks like it took you all holiday.
Many thanks.