Sunday, 18 October 2015


This morning we set out at about ten fifteen and motored over to Ely. We had been invited to Ann's youngest brother Tim and his wife Sue's celebration of their fortieth wedding anniversary, together with Tim's sixty fifth birthday. Autumn colours beginning to show along the way.

The celebration was held at the Fire Engine house in Ely (near the Cathedral), and the above photo shows the private sitting room where we gathered prior to lunch. The couple in the forefront of the above photo are Sue and Tim.

The above photo shows the private dining room at the Fire Engine House. I've shown it before  when we celebrated Ann's seventy  fifth birthday here, earlier this year.

Above shows Tim and Sue surrounded by their children and grandchildren, just after Tim had said Grace, and  made a short speech of welcome.

View of the lunch table. I aught here to make an acknowledgement that several of these photos were taken by nephew/Godson Edward, who is a professional photographer; so if any of you have been murmuring "Gosh, haven't Horner's photographic skills improved of late?" that, I'm afraid, is why.  Thank you Ed, for thus lending a bit of style to this blog entry.

After the meal, at about four thirty the whole party adjourned to the cathedral. Tim, who is a jeweller, had made Sue a new ring. The one he'd made forty years ago for their wedding was getting a bit worn, so a short service was held in a side chapel at the Cathedral to bless the new ring.

We had given them, as a ruby wedding present, a rose called (very appropiately) 'Ruby wedding' in a terra cotta pot. We walked the two hundred yards back to the Fire Engine House, to transfer the rosebush, pot, and a bag of compost for it, to Tim's car. I was personally glad of the assistance of Ronnie, Tim and Sue's son in law, He picked up the  sack of compost as if it were a bag of sugar, bless him.
Set off on our journey back, and home by about seven pip emma. It had been a very pleasant, sociable sort of a day.

Good Night All.


Crowbard said...

Cheering stuff Mike, please pass on our congratulations and kindest regards to young Tim and his bride. A great achievement to raise such a wonderful family.
Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them.(Psalm 127:5)

Mike and Ann said...

I'll pass that on, Crowbard; although as Tim reads this blog, I should think he's already seen it. Warm regards, Mike.