Friday, 9 October 2015


 Had problems with making the computer print out photographs yesterday. This was a pity, as we'd been to East Bergholt, had lunch there and taken a good many photos of the area. When we got home I put all the photos in the computer, but could not make it give them up or print them. This morning we walked into town, bought a few bits off the market, had a coffee, and walked home what Ann calls 'the pretty way', taking more photos. This time I took great care when putting them into the computer, and all has gone well (I still couldn't find where it had hidden yesterday's photos, though).  So this morning I took a quick snapshot (above) of Saint Mary's Church, then walked home via the riverside walk, Toppesfield Bridge, Tinker's Lane, and home.

Took above photo of our long term resident couple of swans and this year's brood (they've raised five cygnets again).

There is a nice area of trees beside the path approaching Toppesfield Bridge, the one in the picture centre above is a Black Poplar (only know this because we had one in the garden of a previous home- it was supposed to be the biggest Black Poplar in the East of England).

 Above is a close-up of the Black Poplar. They are becoming rare. Handsome trees though.

On a strip of land beside the river Brett (a slype, I suppose, although I think this is a 'Churchy term')  a small poultry farm is kept, and the the ducks shown swimming under the bridge are, I think, Aylsburys.  The 'Indian summer' we are having makes for pleasant country walking, so we must make the most of it.

Being called upstairs for a cuppa. More later, perhaps.


stigofthedump said...

I can see a mans face in that tree - looks familiar too!!!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Sal. Can't say I can see that. Still, as I say, it's a handsome tree.

stigofthedump said...