Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Had to motor over to Sudbury today (several birds with one  stone visit), had to have running repairs done on the hearing aids, then visit my tailor to purchase a tie or so and eventually a cravat as well. It was a lovely sunny day, and I've been meaning to take a few photoes of the fine autumn colours we're enjoying  this autumn. We found, though, that the best colours were in and around Highdale itself (see above photo of the Deanery and the churchyard).

Close up of the Deanery looking its best.

Also the flower baskets on the Guildhall are still showing colour.

Driving out of town  the trees are colouring up.

As they are along the bypass (above and below).

Coming home through Newton Green couldn't resist a shot of this place (I've shown it before - been tarted up around the 1920s I should think) but well worth another look.

Almost home again.
Got home about half past four, since when I've been bottling the sloes for sloe gin - which is looking good. Won't be really drinkable until the Christmas after this coming one. It's a process that can't be hurried - still, I've got quite a bit left of the previous three year's produce, so we shan't go short.

Good Night All.


Crowbard said...

Can't help feeling the Deanery is probably utterly wasted on the Dean.

Crowbard said...

PS When reading of David and Goliath does the Dean side with the Philistines?

stigofthedump said...

Ouch!!! Although I can't help agreeing with Uncle C!

Crowbard said...

Nine blogless days? That must have been a serious sloe-gin bottling party!