Sunday, 4 October 2015


Been a fairly standard Sunday, but a lovely, sunny one. Took the usual snapshots of corners of the garden, before going to church this morning. As I was down to read the Gospel lesson, we set out fifteen minutes earlier than usual, as I do like to have a quick practice read of the lesson before the service starts.

Also took quick snapshot of garden table (above) which has the bonsai'd yew tree on it, and various other plants, waiting to be transplanted to their more permanent sites in the garden.

On our drive to church (in Aldham) took the above snapshot. Some trees just beginning to have an autumnal look to them, but looking well for October.

Home a little after twelve and took a last garden snapshot (above). Then lunch , a quick zizz, and since then I've been pottering in the workshop. Been doing up a very early English pistol of plain, probably military type. May well put up a snapshot of it when finished, although you'll be disappointed- it's very plain and unadorned,  but an unusual survival.



Pat said...

Full marks for doing a preparatory read through. It drives me dotty when people of my age plan to give a talk - or whatever with no preparation at all.
The theory being it will be alright on the night. It won't!

Crowbard said...

When reading stuff like "Lord, show us the Father and it sufficeth us" a rehearsal is imperative; and it's always reassuring to know the passage you're going to read. A reader who knows the subject can bring a deal of clarity to a reading for his audience.

Mike and Ann said...

Quite agree, Pat. I'm a great believer in doing a certain amount of preparation for these things.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. It was Mark chapter 10, vv. 2 - 16. Authorized Version of course.
They normally give me the Old Testament Lesson to read, so this was a nice change.

Crowbard said...

Can't imagine why they perceive you as proper to the Patriarchs, Mike ~
But I can see how appropriate this lesson is for you, taking up the little children and blessing them ~ your recent photo with arms full of babes and a face full of joyous benevolence speaks volumes ~