Thursday, 15 October 2015


It's been a pleasantly eventful day today. Firstly, Janet and John came to lunch. You may remember that about a fortnight ago we had lunch with friends who intend 'retiring' as antique dealers (which is, of course, as I said at the time, against ALL the accepted rules for antique dealing).  Well, today they came and had lunch with us. This was partly so that they could pick up some repaired brass ware I'd done for them, and partly to show me some more antique metal ware that Janet had found whilst sorting some old stock. Her late father opened an antique shop in 1930, Janet took it on in 1970 (ish), and is now clearing it out, prior to closure. Various nice things have come to the surface during this operation, and anything that puzzles them, she firstly picks my brains, and then gives me first refusal on the items. I might well use one or two of the pieces I bought today as 'mystery objects' on this blog (unless I sell them first - but I want to play with them, so I'm not in a hurry to do that).

Grandson Matthew 'phoned Ann yesterday to ask if he might come and spend a couple of days with us before he starts a new job on Monday. Of course we said come and see us at any time, so we got a 'phone call from him this afternoon to say that he'd be on the five o'clock train from Liverpool Street, which we met. Matt and Granny shown above, and Matt and Grandpa shown below.

Spent this evening catching up on family news. He's just been downstairs to say Goodnight to me before retiring to his bed - I must say goodnight to my readers before doing the same - Goodnight all.


Crowbard said...

Poor Matthew looks exhausted, I hope you haven't been forcing him to toil up and down the cellar steps to haul up your stock of early bronze naval cannon. Kindest regards to all the family.

Nea said...

It's good to see Mattmoo with you.
Hope he was able to fix the computer for you.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. Yes, he does look a bit drained, but it's more that he has been unable to find a job. Still, he finally starts a new job today. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I think things were easier in our day than they are now for the young!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Nea. Matthew in fact helped (and advised) Granny on choosing her an 'Android'. All the elderly ladies in town are now armed with mini, portable computers of some sort, and Granny has now got (and is learning to use) an 'Android', which sounds like a robotic bodyguard, but isn't quite, I think.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. There's even a certain amount of competition between the ladies of the town on the colour and attractiveness of the holsters in which they carry these devices.

Crowbard said...

Brings a whole new meaning to 'Handbags at dawn!' (to up-cycle a catchy phrase of the 70s)