Sunday, 1 November 2015


As you will have gathered from the previous blog entry, we got back yesterday from nine or ten days holiday in the West Country. The photo above shows Ann in a piece of topiary work in the garden of friends of ours in Honiton. They are dealers, so we did business with them and had coffee.
On our way there many of the countryside trees were changing colour to yellows and russetts, so that parts of Somerset, seen from the tops of hills, looked as if they were made of gingerbread. Then on to South Devon. Senior daughter Sarah usually takes a cottage at half term, and this year she'd taken a rather larger one than usual and asked us if we'd like to take the spare bedroom (on arrival, and when the youngsters had unloaded for us, we found that the 'spare' bedroom was easily the best bedroom).

Just to prove the point, the above picture shows the view from our bedroom window.

The following morning we went down to the beach, and above snapshot is of grandson Guy.

 Glorious sunrise the following morning, taken from another of our bedroom windows.

Another family photo showing four generations - Amelia, Sarah, Ann, and Astrid, just before going down to the beach.

On the beach, going down to the sea. Must make a point here - if we're lucky with the weather it's not a bad thing to go to the sea in late October - the beaches are not crowded.
Must knock off now - Church, and I'm reading the lesson (out of Revelation !!!!)  I'll probably put more holiday snaps up later in the week (be warned !!!)


Crowbard said...

Holiday snaps out of the book of Revelations? AWESOME!
Welcome home ~ We missed you.

Pat said...

Next time try to make Minehead again.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat - would love to -could have done this time, but I understood you were on the high seas when we set out to the West (around twentieth October)?