Tuesday, 17 November 2015


The above picture has nothing to do with the narrative of this blog entry. It's just that I spotted the above fruit bowl and contents, and realised that fruit can be easily as good-looking and  colourful as flowers; so I took the photo and used it to start this blog entry.


Been a good, busy week so far. Starting (as the week does traditionally) on Sunday, we motored over to Welney,  a village in  the Norfolk fens, and where we both grew up, for a family get-together. It wasn't quite so numerous a gathering as was originally intended. There seems to be a tummy upset in our area, and just less than half of us had to cry off. However, in the end well over twenty people attended. We'd hired the village hall on the bank of the Old Bedford River; niece  Naomi had arranged everything with her usual skill and efficiency, and we'd all chipped in to share the costs for the hire o the hall and refreshments.

 All age groups were represented,  from eleven months to eighty odd years.  The group above are great granddaughter Elsa, granddaughter Georgia, Great Granny Annie, and great granddaughter Astrid. Elsa has recently learned to walk and toddles everywhere, very straight backed and upright, occasionally breaking into a surprisingly fast trot. I took a photo of her heading towards the refreshment table at top speed, but I seem to have lost that photo.  In fact, as it's been a busy day today, I think that I'll knock off now (once I start losing things on this machine, I'm afraid I carry on losing them) so better to leave it till tomorrow, I think.

Goodnight all.

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Crowbard said...

No worries Mike, They're all in there somewhere ~ give your camera a good inverted shake over the modem and see what drops out ~