Friday, 31 July 2015


I think I've put up similar photos of our double jettied Guildhall with its summertime hanging baskets of flowers a year or two ago, still, it looks really well at this time of year. Walked into town this morning via the Churchyard and took this one. Been a busy week. Motored into Essex earlier this week and lunched with friends. Janet is a second generation antique dealer and has decided to retire, so she 'phoned us, and asked if I would look over her brass, copper, and pewter stock, and buy anything I wanted, as she didn't want to put anything through the salerooms (don't blame her); so we drove to North Essex, which is as pretty, in parts, as some of Suffolk, and bought quite a lot of stock, plus one possible 'keepie'.  Must knock off- being called upstairs for tea, and we have an overnight guest coming soon, so must clean meself up and get changed (am in workshop scruff at present).  Will probably blog again later - or more probably tomorrow.

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