Monday, 20 July 2015


On our second day in Sweden we drove out to Nea's farm. The above photo shows the river (stream really) which flows about seventy yards from the farmhouse. As it had rained a good deal in the previous week the river was in spate. This little river supplies the water for their farmhouse and all the other houses in the village (all five of them). Good clean water it is too!

This one is of Nippa, the family dog. She is, as you can see, a pure bred Norbotten Spitz (or so I'm told). She is, I think the best natured and most intelligent dog I've ever known. She is now though, eleven and a half years old. She is trained to the gun, and assists Nea's husband when he's out after elk.

Not sure if these are wild roses, although there are several banks of them in the area. For a 'single' rose they have a lovely scent.

The above small building was originally the calf shed. When Nea and husband bought the place, they turned it into a play house for their daughters, who at nearly eighteen and fifteen have rather grown out of it now. There are two swings from the cross bar (a pine tree trunk) in the two silver birch trees, and the swings are still in occasional use.

It is a lovely, peaceful part of the world.

Good night all.


Liz said...

Looks gorgeous.

Mike and Ann said...

It is, Liz. It's a georgous part of the world - in summer anyway.