Tuesday, 7 July 2015


The garden gate, entwined with honeysuckle and columbine.

 Corners of the garden (as per heretofore).

Last year we put this blue-ish, spiky plant into the herb garden. It's doing very nicely thank you, but we can't remember what it is - or even if it's a herb. If anyone can assist identification we'd be grateful. In fact -all contributions (or suggestions) gratefully received.

Got a fairly hectic few days coming up, but will indulge in further bloggery as soon as we have time to spare.

Warm regards to all. Mike and Ann.


Rog said...

It's Lavender Mike.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Tosh! it's not lavender. The whitish plant in the top left hand corner of the picture is lavender (of a sort). Ann says she thinks the plant is called Veronica (or something like that). Thanks for trying though. The bees are going mad over the (?) plant, and also over the lavender.

Rog said...

You can't beat an old lavvie outside the back door I always say

Mike and Ann said...

We were always told that an elder- tree outside the back door kept the flies away, but now that we're getting quite elder-ly ourselves, I don't think I want to be kept outside the back door.

Crowbard said...

Hard to tell from your picture Mike but fairly sure its not Veronica, perhaps a vetch or purple toadflax. Sorry the resident botanist is in Jersey pro-tem.

Z said...

I used to have a herbacious veronica plant - http://www.plant-encyclopedia.net/0849-veronica-spicata.aspx gives a picture, but mine was darker than that, more like your plant. I don't think of toadflax as spiky - but I'm really poor at identifying plants, especially from photos.