Saturday, 18 July 2015


On the evening of  Wednesday the eighth of July we flew to Norway (Trondheim airport), and met up  with our daughter and her daughters. We slept at the Airport Hotel, then spent the next morning exploring the town of Trondheim. It's a nice old town (I think an old fishing port) and is an excellent place for pottering around. 

 On the small harbour is the above (and below) bronze statue. He is called 'The last Viking'. His present purpose seems to be to collect gull guano  on the end of his nose, and he appears to find this rather a depressing come down.

In the afternoon we caught the train from Trondheim to Ostersund in Sweden. The above  photo was taken from the train a mile or two from Trondheim, and is of the fjord. There is more to come, but the machine refuses to accept  more that three photos  at a time, so I am having to publish this in little bits.

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