Saturday, 18 July 2015


As you can see the above photo is of the first railway station out of Trondheim. It is called Hell, whichof cours, gives rise to all sorts of terrible puns, i.e 'We had to go through Hell to get to Trondheim'.........'It's a Hell of a long way to get to Trondheim'.........etc, etc,etc.  I do wish Rog or someone like him who's good at thinking of fresh puns would go to ..... NO, I must reword that ..... Oh well, I'm sure you know what I mean, Rog, although I'm not sure there are any new ones. I asked my youngest granddaughter (who is fifteen) about the name of the place, and she tells me that she thinks that in Norwegian it probably means a large, rocky shelf, presumably on which the village was built.

Above demonstrates the result of prolonged travelling, although I think ten minutes or so did her good. Ann is one of those fortunate people who can drop off for fifteen minutes, then wake refreshed. If I do that I tend to sleep soundly for an hour or more, then wake feeling worse than when I dropped off !

This was taken somewhere near the Swedish/Norwegian border. If you look at the upper part of the picture it shows that, even in July, it's possible to see snow in this area.

More to come - but probably tomorrow, although tomorrow looks like being a busy day. Good night - we'll see.


Rog said...

Actually Hellenic pertains to Greek and they are on the rocks so your granddaughter is right.
The Station buffet should be "Hell's Kitchen" at least.

Mike and Ann said...

Good one Rog. Well reasoned!

Pat said...

Youcan always rely on Rog to come up with something:)