Saturday, 25 July 2015


This blog entry records the last of the Scandinavian holiday snaps. Above is a snapshot of the beach of the 'Swimming Lake' near Nea's farm house. This area of the beach seems to be covered with clover flowers, which, in the sand, give a rather pretty effect.

And, finally, the long journey home. Ruth drove us back across Sweden and Norway to Trondheim Airport. The girls came, too. Above snap shows Swedish mountainous area, with glimpses of snow towards the tops.

Fairly typical North west Swedish Church, with separate bell chamber.

Nea driving into Norway.  The  journey was fairly uneventful.

Thank you, Nea, Lasse, and family, for a lovely break in a lovely country. The time flew past.


Normal Service will now be resumed :-

This past week has been busy. Our good friend Hilary has had an eye operation. Ann ran her into hospital, stayed with her, and stayed overnight with her on her return home. At the same time I took a taxi, then a train into London, viewed Bonham's Arms and Armour auction then slept at Lizzie's. On Thursday, back to Bonham's  and bid (fairly successfully - seven lots). Then home by train, etc.  Got home about 9p.m.

      Yesterday (Friday) evening,  friends Hilary and Heather, came and had supper with us-thoroughly enjoyed the evening, ate early (6.30p.m. for seven) in view of Hilary's op. earlier in the week.  Party broke up about nine thirty p.m.  so an early night (much needed). Slept well.


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Nea said...

You're welcome, it was lovely having you both here.