Saturday, 1 August 2015


Been a pleasantly sociable weekend. Yesterday evening friend Zoe drove over from North Suffolk, dined with us and slept here. Ann gave us duck casserole (I opened a bottle of gewurztraminer, which despite pedants who will say that this is a wine for game, 'went' quite well with the duck).  Ann followed this with a lovely trifle, then with a cheese board, followed by coffee. Lingered over the meal, then to bed at about ten thirty.

At nine this morning we were joined by bloggers Sir Bruin and the Small Bear , so that above and below we show photos of East Anglian Bloggers.

Then on to Hollowtrees Farm Shop Restaurant, where we all enjoyed their celebrated farmhouse breakfast. The party broke up about Mid day.

At 2 p.m. to Scrabble Club for my weekly three games. Ann went shopping with friend Sue. Whilst we were finishing our third game, Ann and Sue came in and  washed up the tea things. Then on to Sue and David's where we drank more tea and caught up on all the news. Sue showed us a fine pottery urn of Amherst pattern, which she knows we (sort of) collect. They are retired dealers (if any antique dealers can ever be said to have completely retired), and after a while we purchased the urn from them, and we are trying it in different places about the house, although I think it will eventually occupy the first home that Ann suggested, which is in the centre of the front window of the house, where it really does look well. Must take a photo of it.
Must also knock off now, I think, and do a bit of work. Still got a good deal of cleaning and labelling to get ready for next week's Long Melford Fair.

Regards to all my readers - Mike.


Z said...

What a lovely weekend it's been, with delicious food and delightful company. I'm eyeing that cheeseboard keenly, even after duck casserole and trifle! Thank you both.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. Thank you. It was a lovely weekend for us, too. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Liz said...

Thanks everyone for your company on Saturday morning. Great to see you all.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Liz - the pleasure was ours.
Warm Regards, Ann and Mike.

Pat said...

How nice that you are close enough to visit.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Well, we're both in Suffolk, but at opposite ends thereof; so I should think we're about an hour apart, which is manageable.