Friday, 21 August 2015


Had an enjoyable and eventful day yesterday. Motored over to Lavenham in the morning, and had coffee with friends of ours who live in  Lavenham and who collect pewter. The point of this is that Jill always spends time with us at the Long Melford Antique Fair, and as this is usually a very busy fair, I have to keep dashing/drifting off to attend to other customers' needs. Jill has therefore suggested (at the last two or three Long Melford Fairs ) that we visit them at their home in Lavenham, where we can natter uninterruptedly over coffee. Which we did; and very pleasant it was, too. 


We then went on to call on Penny and Hugh, who also live in Lavenham, and  where we were to have lunch with them and fix a lantern clock which has been playing up a bit lately. Before and after lunch (which was, as always, excellent), I did the necessary repairs to the lantern clock, aided and abetted by Hugh. They were having a very busy day, with various things slotted in. In fact they'd booked too much into the day, and had just decided that they really couldn't fit in their plans for the evening, and would we like the tickets for the concert they'd been planning to attend, and now found it impossible to do so?   We'd nothing planned for the evening so Hugh, before we left, found the tickets and programme for the concert, and presented them to us.  

The photo above is of the River Alde, and was taken...............

near  to the Snape Concert Hall, photographed above. The Concert  we'd earlier been given tickets for, took place in the Concert Hall, and was by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  The first half was given over to music by Robert Schumann, and the second half by Richard Strauss.  It was a quite unforgettable performance, and to try and describe it further would be 'to gild refined gold, or paint the lily'.
          Thank you Penny and Hugh.
          It was glorious music, and a lovely evening..

          We've decided that we must get out more of an evening, and imbibe a bit more more music than we've been doing lately.



Z said...

We were talking about Snape last time we met, weren't we? I'm glad you got to a concert this year. It's such a lovely place - even if the seats aren't the softest.

Mike and Ann said...

You can tell the locals - they go in carrying cushions.