Saturday, 22 August 2015


Above photo shows (I think 'Little Hall' to the right) on Lavenham Market Place. Ann in the centre foreground. Should say that all three photos shown today were taken in Lavenham Market Place on Thursday.

Above is the Guildhall in Lavenham. It dates from circa 1520, which makes the Guildhall here, in Highdale, a goodish hundred and fifty years older, but ours has been added to and altered over the centuries, while Lavenham's is all of a lump - 1520.

Shops on Lavenham Market Place. All three photoes are taken from the Market Place. It is said (with some truth, I think) that if you stand on Lavenham Market Place and look all round you, every building you can see was standing there at the time of the Wars of the Roses.


I really started today's blog entry to record the fact that today we've picked and eaten the first two ripe figs this year from our garden. Delicious they were, too.


Crowbard said...

So nice to get a clear view of Lavenham, Whenever I went the place was crawling with grockles and jumping with tourists (can't say I blame them). But they do so block the view.

Mike and Ann said...

A few years ago residents of Lavenham would tell me that in the tourist season it wasn't unusual to see tourists peering into the windows of homes in Lavenham, under the impression that it was some sort of museum. Things are rather better now. I took the photoes on the last two blogs in the middle of August, which has to be the height of the tourist season, and things really aren't too bad these days.