Tuesday, 11 August 2015


A week or so ago we got a panic call from granddaughter Georgie in London, asking if one or both of us could baby-sit great grand daughter Elsa. Georgie is back at work full time, and her baby sitting rota had one blank day on the list. Ann said she would go, and as (a) I've been to London twice in the last six weeks and managed to spend some time with the young lady (Elsa that is), and also, as a direct result of my London visits, I have a good deal of work waiting in the workshop for my attention, I decided not to go with her. So this afternoon I motored over to Manningtree Railway Station, and saw Ann onto her train (see next three photos).

Immediately after  lunch, which consisted (mainly) of  a very good lamb casserole, Ann showed me that she'd left me a full fridge, so I shan't even have to cook while she's gone. Since getting home at about half past two, I've been very busy in the workshop, and by the time Ann returns I should be pretty well up to date.  Hope she enjoys her stay - I'm sure Elsa will. She's thirteen months old now, fairly mobile , and very socially inclined - good company in fact.


Good night All.

P.s. Ann 'phoned to say that she'd arrived safely, after an uneventful journey, bar a minor 'bus accident in London, in which no one was hurt except a wing mirror! All the passengers then had to  change onto another 'bus. Ann says it only added a few minutes to the journey. It's a good way to see London - from the top of a 'bus.


Z said...

I think a sit down and cup of tea will be in order on Ann's return! Looking after toddlers is wonderful, great fun and it's quite good when it stops because it's jolly tiring.

Nea said...

Glad you sorted out your computer. Granny looks great.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. Ann's just 'phoned and sounds as if she's thoroughly enjoying her baby sitting stint. She agrees with my opinion of thirteen month old Elsa as being a happy little girl.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Nea. Firstly - thank you for your assistance and advice re the computer - which I'm glad to say is now behaving itself. I think it probably is time that I thought seriously about having a newer model. Had most of this one over ten years now! Quite looking forward to picking you mother up at Manningtree later this afternoon - or more probably this evening. She sounds as if she's enjoying looking after Elsa.
Thanks again, and love to all - Father.