Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Set out yesterday morning and motored over to Peterborough. Pulled into a gateway to a farm road a few miles from home, and took the above photograph. It shows a nice old farmhouse set in typical Suffolk scenery.

Took the above snapshot, through the nearside car window, on the  A14, whilst going  over a river near Saint Ives in Cambridgeshire. Minor miracle the photo came out alright.

Finally found (or rather the Satnav found) what we were looking for, the entrance to the Crematorium just outside Peterborough. As we had an hour to spare we motored on a few hundred yards and found the pub pictured above, where we had a very decent lunch - toad in the hole for two. This nicely took up the time available until we returned to the crematorium, well  in time for the funeral service of Ann's Mother's  cousin's husband Sid (actually he was rather closer than that, having been a good friend). Despite his age (he was 96), and although he'd had a leg amputated about two or three years ago, he remained a very active man, living on his own, and used to go from Wisbech down to Brighton (using public transport) to stay with his grandson fairly regularly.  A couple of weeks or so ago, his grandson decided to motor up to Wisbech, to take his grandfather by car to Brighton. That evening his grandson helped him to pack up ready for the journey. The following morning he went to his grandfather's room with a cup of tea for him, to find that his grandfather had died, very peacefully, during the night. A pretty good way to go, I think.

He was a lovely old man, very well read, and always good company,  who'd had an interesting Army career in the Second World War.  It doesn't seem long since we were finally beginning to appreciate the few remaining First World War veterans. Now the Second World War veterans seem to be falling thick and fast.

Visited daughter Kerry, and grandson Tom,  in their new home, on our way back.  Later on stopped off  at the Swann inn, at Monk's Eleigh, and had  supper (light, but just what we needed!) a few miles from home. Got home just before nine and, I'm glad to be able to report, crashed out shortly afterwards.


Z said...

A lovely way to go, the family must be so thankful his grandson was there for his last evening.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Zoe. Yes.

Nea said...

Sorry about Sid.
But glad you made it to the funeral.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Nea. A long day, but we too, were glad we were able to be there.