Friday, 16 August 2013


Yesterday Granddaughter Georgie and her affianced, Andy, came to stay for a couple of days. Andy has not been to Suffolk before, so we are showing him our area. He comes from Derbyshire (which, too, is a lovely area) but he is quite impressed with Suffolk. Asked Georgie where she would like to see, yesterday afternoon, and she said that a few years ago, we'd taken her to Polstead, and since then she'd  read up on the Red Barn murder (Maria Marten, 1827), and could we have another look at it please? So we did a run round Polstead (the photo above shows the pool after which it is named (originally Poolstead); then on to  Kersey, which seems to be featuring  a good deal in this blog of late, and then on to Lavenham. The Guildhall at Lavenham (pictured below - with Ann, Georgie, and Andy  to the left of the photo) was built in the 1520s, so is a century or so later than our Guildhall here, but a very handsome, well preserved building.

The photo below is of Andy, Georgia and Ann, in much the same place as above, but facing the camera this time.

Played a four handed game of scrabble yesterday evening. Andy said he'd played the game, but was terribly out of practice. In the event he got out first and after we'd carefully counted up the score  there were only two points between he and I. A good, close, well fought  game.


Rog said...

The Guildhall looks fantastic in your pic and there does not appear to be hoardes of tourists. We went to Burnham Market the other day and the tourists were wall to wall and 6 deep - completely ruined the charm of the old place.
Suffolk is the jewel in the Anglia crown!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Yes, you're right. It was a lovely day, but Lavenham was not overcrowded (and in the middle of August!!!). You're right about Suffolk too. We're both Norfolk fenfolk by origin; but we've spent the majority of our married life in Suffolk. It does have the edge over Norfolk, we think.

Pat said...

It's great when you can take them where they really want to go.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. It always helps when they know what they'd like to do, and where they want to go. It's been a lovely few days with them. They helped about the place, obviously enjoyed themselves, asked if they could stay a bit longer than they'd planned (which was reassuring, and of course we said 'of course'). It was good to see granddaughter Georgie for a few days, and to get to know her intended a bit better. Place seems quite quiet now.