Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Lovely sunny morning today. The garden is still busy with butterflies. Loads of peacocks about. Managed to get two in the above photo; both using our garden table as a landing strip.

The above photo shows Ann, and friend Leslie, who had supper with us on Monday, then, when we'd cleared, she joined us in a game of scrabble. Warned us she was very out of practice, but put up a pretty good game none the less. Came second. The  photo is shown particularly for the information of the gentleman in Australia.

The peacock s are brazen creatures (sorry Rog) who have no scruples about being photographed (as per top picture). We also have the very occasional small tortoiseshell butterfly who are (very properly), far more modest about being photographed. However, finally managed to get a snapshot of one, see above.
 Must push off now. Planning to meet friends for lunch, and have just been reminded of the time. More later perhaps.


Z said...

it's a good year for butterflies, I've seen a fair few this year. Not many ladybirds, though.

Mike and Ann said...

It's been a lovely summer for butterflies, and also for bees. Our two thyme plants are buzzing with them. I find meself wondering what the honey will taste like, though?
Very 'herby' I should think. Could be quite nice.

Rog said...

I've never seen so many Cabbage Whites as this year. You can never have too many peacocks of course.

Mike and Ann said...

Of course Rog. What this world needs is more and (if it were possible) even better Peacocks.