Sunday, 18 August 2013


Been a fairly busy weekend. Georgie and Andy stayed for lunch on Saturday, then gave us a hand setting up for Scrabble Club ( which  we were hosting yesterday). They (grandaughter Georgie and Andy that is, not the Scrabble Club) set off back for Derby (Andy's home) at about 1.30 in the afternoon (Georgie rang to say they'd got back safely just after four- having had an uneventful journey). It had been a real pleasure having them to stay.  Nine members of the Scrabble Club arrived at two p.m. which meant three tables of three players each.
The above photo shows three of the senior members,  (two nonagenarians and an octogenarian) - all three are excellent players. One of them played at County level a few years ago (and won). I think Scrabble helps keep the grey matter in good working order.  Theirs anyway, if not mine. Been a standard Sunday, but got a good deal of work done this afternoon. One item I've been working on may form a 'mystery object' later this week.
Ann's just gone up the wooden hill, so I'd better follow.    Good night All.

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