Monday, 26 August 2013


We have been spending the weekend with Sarah/Mikey and their family in the South Midlands. Motored over there on Friday, and on Saturday Sarah put on a magnificent lunch for us all, including Mikey's parents Frank and Jane, and his Aunt Sue and Uncle Geoffrey. The top photo is of most of the main course, but Sarah had also made her speciality dish of a sort of roast potatoes done with red peppers and a continental cheese (sorry- memory fails me here, but the memory of the dish is still on the palate - superb).

The above dish is of the choices of pudding at the same meal. All LISH!!!!!
 Don't quite know how that happened ?  The above photo (however 'dishy') is of granddaughter Lucy, sitting (for some reason known only to herself) on the sideboard/worktop. It's the picture above that that is of puddings. I would never dream of including a photo of any of my granddaughters among the puddings. Oh well, I'm sure most of  you can work it out.

The above photo was taken today, at lunchtime by Lucy. It is of grandson Guy, meself, and Ann.

This one is of Lucy, squatting on the sideboard. Must record that she and Guy are growing up nicely!

Above is a group photo taken today lunch time. Left to right - Ann, Sophie, Lucy, Mikey, Sarah, Amelia, and Guy.

This one was taken by Guy, and is in the same order as the previous photo, save with the absence of Guy to the right, and the presence of meself to the left.

About two hours after the above was taken Guy and Lucy did all the heavy work of loading the car for us, and we took our leave with all of them waving goodbye to us in the front garden. As Ann, who was driving, backed out onto the road she asked me if all was clear to do so. A young lady was carrying a glass tank with a large goldfish in it along the pavement towards us, so I replied  "Yes, except for a young lady carrying a goldfish".   Ann said "Oh, don't be silly", as wives will at their husbands' attempts at humour, and a moment later braked hard and shouted "There's a young lady carrying a goldfish in a glass tank. Why didn't you warn me?"    Sometimes I think that we chaps can't win.


Should add and emphasise that this odd incident did nothing to spoil a lovely weekend. Rather added a light note to our departure. The grandchildren seemed to be enjoying it, and probably know the young lady taking the goldfish for a walk. Takes all sorts!

Goodnight All.


Crowbard said...

Young Lucy would make a fine adornment for any plain surface in need of brightening up. Lovely composure and radiant personality.
Guy appears to be fulfilling his academic and philosophical potentials too. I think I've only met him twice; first as a sort of white fluffy tetrahedron on your back lawn, good company but no conversation to speak of; then a few years on at his home at a family get-together where he won my respect and admiration as a perceptive and cogent young fellow whose converse was both informative and agreeable. You've collected a fine clutch of grandchildren Mike, they make great-nieces and great-nephews too.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Crowbard. Quite agree. They're all growing up now though, and you know how I love tiny ones............... Still - I really am enjoying these young adult grandchildren.

Pat said...

What a lovely party.
Beware ladies carrying goldfish in a glass tank. They get everywhere.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat, yes it was a good party - or rather weekend.
We will bear your warning in mind next time we're in that area. Actually the young lady gave us rather a nice smile when Ann braked, and only slopped a tiny amount of water. The goldfish merely goggled at us.

Crowbard said...

I say Pat, that sounded awfully like the Trojan warning - 'Beware Greeks bearing gifts of wooden gold-fish with warriors hidden inside 'em!'

Crowbard said...

PS Mike, it was jolly civil of the goldfish to Google you, I hope to see you publish their comments shortly.