Monday, 5 August 2013


The garden this morning was absolutely abuzz with honey bees, bumble bees, and butterflies; all gathering pollen. Our garden was what Rog would probably call a hive of activity!  The above bumblebee was so deep in a flower that I was able to get quite close to him to take the above snapshot.

The parish magazine (last week) had an ad for the Kersey Bell, which is under new management (again) and is trying, quite hard, to drum up the lunch time trade. So we decided to give it a try, and drove over to Kersey just after mid day. I had a glass of Messrs Adnams' (usually) excellent bitter, which I passed over to Ann to try, whilst her lemonade was being poured. "It's a bit flat" was Ann's verdict. Quite agreed and not a good start to lunch. The ad in the Parish mag, and the board outside the pub both stressed the 'Home made on the premises' pies so Ann ordered a chicken, ham, and leek pie, and I ordered a  steak and Stilton pie.

We decided to eat in the garden, and sat at a  table, under one of the umbrellas pictured above. The pies were both excellent, but the vegetables not so good. The potatoes had been neither properly mashed nor left alone, and the carrots and peas were, at best, bland. The pies were hot, the vegetables not really. We decided to forgo pudding, and Ann ordered a black coffee, and I had tea (which came with the boiled, hot, milk, in a jug). So Ann had a little of the hot milk in her coffee, and I tried it in my tea. Never had tea with hot milk in it before; is this a new idea, does anyone know?    I think the Bell is having teething problems, so shall try it again. If it's the same next time - shan't bother again. Pity though, it's a lovely old place, and deserves better.

Had a quick wander round Kersey before coming home and took the above photo in the one 'back street' in the village.  It really is a handsome old place and was, of course, an important 'wool village' in its day. It has a cloth (kersey) named after it.

Since getting home I've been busy preparing for the antique fair at Long Melford this coming Wednesday. Haven't shown there since March, which means I am fairly well stocked. We'll see how it goes.


Z said...

I suppose the pies themselves are the vital part to get right - all the same, it's good of you to be willing to give it another go.

Rog said...

Kersey is such a fab tourist spot you'd think a pub couldn't go wrong but the pub trade seems to be struggling generally and only the very best are surviving.

Your Bee is certainly not finding the pollen flat or undercooked!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. As I said - obvious teething problems; but I do think these places would do well to spend a bit more time getting things right rather than rushing to open up.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Yes, especially a pub like that in the middle of a stunningly pretty village, and with no competition these days. Still, as you say - survival of the fittest.

Mike and Ann said...

See blog entry for Wednesday 14th August.