Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Above is today's lunch - pheasant casserole (with mashed potatoes, mashed celeriac and carrots). We had the bird roast for Sunday lunch, and Ann made soup for supper this evening with the last of the bird. The odd thing is that Ann bought the bird on Saturday from our butcher. In the dim and distant I'd have shot the bird. During the last few years friends who still shoot would give us the occasional brace. Since then, we've one friend who beats, and was paid in kind so let us have a brace or so every winter.  This one Ann,as I say, bought from our butcher, and at Sunday lunch time I found (rather to my surprise) that the bird was perfectly hung. Given the fairly cold weather at the weekend, I would judge it to have been hung in an outhouse for six to eight days, which is nicely enough to make it taste pleasantly 'gamey' without being at all 'over the top'. I must make a point sometime this week, of popping into the butcher's shop and congratulating him on his skills.

This afternoon we both had a quick 'nap' in our bedroom. When I woke, I found the weather was sunny with a dramatically stormy backdrop to the north. Took the above photo looking north from one of our bedroom windows along our street  towards Highdale High Street.

Still got one or two jobs to be done in my workshop before I retire to bed. In the meantime I wish all my readers a good night's sleep.


Crowbard said...

Pheasant for the Posh
Peasants nibble nosh

Mike and Ann said...

What Tosh!

Crowbard said...

The nosh we peasants nibble
Isn't worth the quibble.
But I'm sure it's very pleasant
To nosh upon a pheasant.