Monday, 2 February 2015


We've been more or less house bound for the last few days due to the usual winter allergies (wonder if that's where the word lurgies come from ?), which is why there has been a shortage of blog entries of late. This evening I was flicking back through the photos taken last year for inclusion in the blog, and come across these (I think you may have seen them before - my apologies, but I think they're worthy of repetition). The top one is of Great Granddaughter Elsa, who was born early in July.

The one above is again of Elsa with her Great Grandmother.

This one was taken early in December, when another Great Granddaughter, Astrid was born. Elsa and Astrid are second cousins to each other. The above photo shows four generations. From the left and going clockwise they are :- Amelia, Ann, Sarah, and Astrid.

I will try and get out and about and take a few more blogworthy photos in the future.


                                  Good Night, everyone.

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Crowbard said...

You've got a very special camera Mike, it appears to have recorded not only the people and places but also shows in sharp focus huge amounts of love and joy...

Bless you all ~