Saturday, 21 February 2015


Hello Crowbard. Here is a further illustration of the last mystery object, showing the lock of a wheel lock gun. Given your adjustment of a guess at the date of the item (I would personally have guessed it to have been made between 1680 and 1720) I think you have scored 100%. Well done!  It is a beautifully decorated item and handles well - in other words once you've mastered the trick of not shouldering the weapon, but pressing the cheek piece under the right cheek bone, it 'comes up' perfectly. There is, as you can now see, a 'set' trigger, and every piece of metal on the item is well engraved.


Crowbard said...

Remarkable piece, Mike!
Is the tapered square drive (peeping to the left of the engraved cock-plate) the clamp for the pyrites? I've never handled one of this design or quality.

Mike and Ann said...

Yes it is for changing the pyrites, or altering its position. The tapered square protruding from the centre of the lock plate is for winding the wheel (internal in this piece)which protrudes through the base of the priming pan.