Thursday, 5 February 2015


Been a good, busy week so far. On Monday Ann's older brother Michael, and his friend,  Erika (photographed above with Ann) came and had lunch with us. It was good to get to know Erika a little better, and the time flew past.

Erika (who's  a very well behaved  young lady) gave Ann the roses and tulips in the above photo, and then admired our home.  I think she enjoyed her first visit. Hope so, anyway, she certainly appeared to. They left about four p.m.

I spent Tuesday preparing for the Antique Fair at Long Melford on Wednesday, which was as good as it usually is. It was surprisingly well attended for an antique fair held on a cold day in February. Fellow blogger Rog  from Norfolk turned up and found something to buy, as did I (well two things actually - one of them stock, and one of them a probable keepie - may eventually use it as a mystery object).

Spent today pottering about the town doing necessary things. Nipped out to Hollow Trees farm shop for fruit and vegetables, and eventually had lunch there. Back in town we met Sylvia also pottering - doing her shopping. Yesterday was her ninety first birthday - she does well.

Time for an early (ish) night I think - feeling yesterday's exertions a bit, so I wish you all a very
Good Night.


Rog said...

Still recovering from my first acquaintance with snuff!

Crowbard said...

Snuff is potent herbal medicine Rog, take it sparingly, it's not to be sneezed at!

Mike and Ann said...

It's mildly addictive stuff, Rog. But, of course, when you're really hooked 'ze price goes up'.

Pat said...

I lunch guests leave at 4pm you may be sure they had a ball:)