Monday, 16 February 2015


Spent the weekend with daughter Sarah , her husband Mikey, and family. Above picture shows two of our granddaughters, Lucie and Sophie.

This one again shows Sophie  pointing (how rude, and what a bad example!) at her niece (our younger Great Granddaughter) Astrid.

Above shows meself comforting Astrid, after her shock at being pointed at by her usually,  virtuous and well behaved,  Aunt Sophie.  Will try and put up more photies and information about our weekend away - tomorrow. In the meantime............................Goodnight All.


Crowbard said...

Wonderful pictures Mike. So good to see Astrid staring in horror at her aunt's faux pas. (No children; gr-Uncle Carl is not swearing; that's posh foreign for being inadvertently indelicate). They say natural good manners may jump a generation or three, even in well brought up families. (Melodramatic sigh of despair at the vagaries of the finger-pointy-genotype.)
Bless you all Youngsters, even your pointy fingers. And remember, it is perfectly acceptable for senior family members to wag, shake, or at dire need even point their fingers at junior members of the family for their guidance and correction.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. I think you are right in your strictures on modern Aunts. Aunts in our day were considered great examples of rectitude and indeed of correctitude. This applied to Bertie Wooster's aunts, with the possible exception of his Aunt Dahlia, who was fond, as Bertie recalls, of dragging Bertie into full public view, and then proceeding to step high, wide, and plentiful, which must have been very embarassing for the poor bloke. I think perhaps I must make a habit of reading Wodehouse to my Great Grandchildren as suitable bedtime stories, with particular warning (in a decade or so) about Aunt Sophie). The more I think of it the more I can see Granddaughter Sophie turning into Bertie's Aunt Dahlia. I must WARN them of this dread possibility!!!!

Crowbard said...

I suspect Mike that it was 'the Aunt Dahlia Effect' which drove our fine young men out into the Empire to 'get their knees brown' and span the globe with embarrassed Englishness. Hurrah for the Aunt Dahlias of Old England upon whom the sun never set.....

Yes it would be a fine practice to read such inspirational works to the great-grands... if only for their soporific effects.