Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday (2)

Today's been much as usual (for a Saturday). Spent this morning pottering in the workshop (meself) and in the garden (Ann). After lunch tidied meself up and went to Scrabble Club. Three good games, enlivened by the organiser (a lady in her mid eighties) collapsing when we were setting up. She seemed to go down joint by joint, so I was able to get to her before she actually hit the deck. lowered her to the floor, and made her stay there for a couple of minutes whilst she got her breath back. One of the other scrabblers (of much the same vintage) helped me hoist her to her feet, and lower her into a chair. This sort of thing has happened several times before, and she seemed to be suffering no ill effects.
 Ann did a little grocery, fruit, and flower shopping, whilst I was scrabbling. The bunch of red roses shown above Ann purchased to celebrate our fifty-second Wedding anniversary on Monday. My job really, I suppose, but Ann thought of it, and got to it first.

The above photo is of hellebores, which Ann brought in from our garden. They seem to diplay best floating, as here, in a bowl of water.

The above is cheating a bit. It's the same bunch of roses as is shown in picture number one, but this time it is displayed in one of the front windows.

Another hellebore, this time on the dining table. The garden is already showing the odd splash of colour in it.
I think this might be an early night, so I wish you all a very good one.

P.s. Ann says that although they are the same roses, the bright red ones in the kitchen are the real colour of these flowers.


Z said...

Congratulations on your wonderfully long and happy marriage!

Crowbard said...

Forgive me Mike and Ann, I had completely forgotten that bitterly cold day at Littleport in 1963, rather as your best man forgot your luggage for the Honey-moon on the day itself (he had a scientific turn of mind with no capacity for domestic detail). You just seem to have always been a well-married couple and I thank Ann for putting up with you and her lame-brain brother-in-law.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you, Zoe.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. That freezing day is still fresh in memory. By the time all the photographs were taken we began to have some idea where the expression 'frozen grins' originated.

Rog said...

Hearty congratulations Mike and Ann!

And lovely floral pics!

Lori Skoog said...

52 years! Congratulations! All the flowers are I sit here freezing and surrounded by very deep snow.

Crowbard said...

Ann certainly knows how to bring out the best in the hellebores, they're a beautiful flower but have such a bad habit of shyly hiding their faces... clearly Ann's swimming lessons have given them a lot of confidence!

Pat said...

What beautiful flowers and may you have many more happy years together.
My friend Joy collapsed in a similar fashion a year or two ago.
when the ambulance came they reminded us of the old fashioned remedy to put her head between her knees. Not always easy with and older person.

Crowbard said...

Don't ever try folding me up like that please Pat, my heart requires some beating space... the simple courtesy of bowing makes me black-out momentarily. It's a good job I'm unlikely to be offered a knighthood!