Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wednesday (New year's Eve).

The above photograph was taken at the family get-together held at Sarah/Mikey's  home on Boxing Day. It shows :- at the ends of the sofa, Amelia and Georgia (the two new mothers), the two new Grandmothers, Sarah and Lizzie, holding their respective granddaughters, Astrid and Elsa; and in the centre Mater Familias Ann, or Great Grannie.


We take this opportunity to wish all our readers/ friends, a very Happy New Year.
Warm Regards to All, Mike and Ann.


Crowbard said...

As it says in the Bible, " Blessed is the man who has his sofa full" (Unless my translation of quiver causes you to quibble) and your sofa indeed is blessed with many generations of gracious ladies, who themselves descend from a lady of memorable graciousness.
Absent friends ~ God bless 'em.
And a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you and all your prolific and beloved throng. selah. (which translates from the Hebrew as 'thoughtful pause' or from the School-boyese as 'So There!')

Rog said...

Great Grannie Annie!

Happy New Year to all you Horners!

stigofthedump said...

Happy New Year x

Z said...

Happy new year, dear friends.