Monday, 15 December 2014


Been a busyish day. Last week sister-in-law Jude told Ann how very good she always found shopping at the Aldi store in Oadby(?), so Ann decided to shop at the Aldi in Sudbury today. Told her I'd like to complete a job I was doing in the workshop this morning,  so we decided on Sudbury in the afternoon. Made something of a 'pig's ear' of the workshop job at first (wonder by the way where that expression comes from - sounds like rhyming slang, or possibly it's simply a pig's ear as opposed to the silk purse from the other saying about them). Anyway at the second attempt the job went well, so had a quick lunch then motored over to Sudbury. The top photo shows a fairly dramatic sky as we approached Sudders. Went to Aldi's. Ann was a little dissapointed she said, although she bought quite a bit of Christmas stuff, and I bought some wine which, if it comes up to the label, we will enjoy (well, I will anyway).

Parked on the Market Place, where I took the above photo of a dramatic Sudbury sunset, and went into my tailors where I bought a tie, well that's what I went in for, found and bought; but then Matthew (my tailor) and Ann, ganged up on me, and, rather to my surprise found meself purchasing a new check sports jacket for, Ann says, next winter.  It will be no ill store, I suppose, but I do feel I should have been more strong minded, and left a new jacket until next winter when I quite see that I might well need one. Both Ann and Matthew assured me that it will be even more money then, so I've saved a good deal by buying it now. Not sure about the logic of that, but the motto seems to be 'avoid tailors' shops until you need something'.

Good night all.
P.s It's a nice jacket though.


Rog said...

The jacket for next Winter is an incentive not to overdo the wine and Christmas fare else it won't fit ;-)

Mike and Ann said...

Mmmmmm.... Yes, see what you mean Rog; but if I do put a little on over Christmas, I'll still have plenty of time to shed it before next winter.

I used to tell my youngesters re clothes shopping -"If you see something that you really like, which suits you, and you can afford it - buy it then. If you go out looking for a specific garment (or shoes)which you need; you'll never find it in the right size, colour, and price range. Better to buy it when it's there (if you can afford it) rather than go out looking for it.

Crowbard said...

Fine attitude Mike. Must admit I've always advised my lot to buy two when they find the right things and wear them alternately. If they put them away clean and smart they'll always have something on standby for those little emergencies that crop up when you've 'got nothing to wear'. It also saves half the time and expenses of buying one at a time at need.
There is always something you can afford, even if it means buying in a Shonky-Shop or, as we charitably call them these days,'charity shops'.
And if you have no money there is always the Sally-Bash and such-like who will provide good clobber gratis. Though I've never asked on my on account when stony-broke, which is one reason why I'm such a shabby old geezer
now. (The other reason being that looking shabby puts off a lot of would-be cadgers and beggars - don't know how you put up with them all.)