Sunday, 14 December 2014


First of all, my apologies for my delay in writing up my blog. We seem to have been very busy during the last week. On Wednesday last we motored across to the midlands to stay for a couple of days with Crowbard and sister -in-law Judy, which was, as always, very relaxing. On Thursday evening we called on niece Jessica, by request,  as Jess's daughter is now nearly four and has lots of stuff which they asked us to take over to our granddaughter Amelia's new baby, Astrid.  I do like the way all the cousins swap goodies as their children grow. Very civilised.  We returned home on Friday, stopping off at Wisbech to pick up the books from our accountant. We paused to take the above picture of Ann's Childhood home, Welney House, which is about a mile north of Welney. It also became the childhood home of our children, in that when Ann's parents decided to move into a bungalow in Wisbech, we bought the above home (plus a couple of acres of lawn and garden) from them. This would have been in 1977, I think, so our children spent most of their teenage years there.  Very happy years they were, too.
Being called upstairs to supper.
Will try and write up  the blog a bit more frequently, in future.
Goodnight All.


Crowbard said...

Welney House looks well cared for still,
Happy days....
And thank you for the great pleasure of your company.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. Yes, the old dump looks pretty bobbish still. We thank you and Jude for your (as ever) lavish hospitality.
Love, Mike and Ann.

stigofthedump said...

Happy days indeed!

Crowbard said...

I remember meeting you for the first time all swaddled up on the kitchen table at W.H.Sal!
You made that table look like an elevated dance-floor. But knowing Pa C. it was probably a converted barn-door; mind you he was good at conversions, he even converted and baptised ME in Hebron Hall (the converted cow-shed at the back of W.H.) Bless his sainted soul.