Saturday, 20 December 2014


This is the answer to yesterday's Mystery Object:- It is a skewer holder, which is, as you can see, what we still use it for. According to E.H.Pinto's book 'Treen and other wooden Byegones' it would have been made to hold beechwood skewers. It is Welsh and two other similar ones are illustrated in Pinto's book. All were made in the eighteenth century. There are, as Crowbard points out, a good many Welsh treen spoon holders, but these are much bigger than the rarer skewer holder. This one is, as I said, just over 6 inches tall. Any further questions or comments would be welcome, and I shall try and answer them.


Rog said...

I wonder how they put a round peg in a skewer hole

Mike and Ann said...

Rog ! that has to be your worst, and (in another sense) your best pun yet. I am still chuckling quietly over it.

Crowbard said...

I'm such an old square Rog, I didn't get that one at all, I'm all at sea like the skua.