Sunday, 21 December 2014


The above photograph, on which you are no doubt pondering, and wondering what's going on here? was taken yesterday morning and shows  various Highdale characters about to sing Christmas carols in the  Co-op for charitable purposes. We were well supported by a section of the Salvation Army brass band as usual.  We do this every year on the Saturday morning before Christmas, and usually the said charitable purposes do quite well out of it. I must admit though, that those of us who perform also do quite well out of it, as the employees and management of the Co-op press hot mince pies upon us, and very welcome they are, too.
One other minor incident I'd like to report, that happened yesterday evening. Our youngest daughter telephoned us to ask if we had anything planned for New Year's Eve. She knows perfectly well that we tend to have an early night on New Years Eve to try and get a bit of sleep in before  the Church Bells and Fireworks wake us up at midnight welcoming the New Year in. We reminded her of this, and she said that was all to the good as we would be free to babysit our Great Granddaughter Elsa, so everyone else could go out and welcome in the New Year.  We agreed to this and both felt more than a little chuffed to be asked. If any other Great Grandparents are reading this, it just goes to show that if you hang around long enough, you may well still come in useful for baby-sitting purposes.

I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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Rog said...

I think older chaps like us are well suited to overnight baby sitting as we have to get up several times in night anyway...