Tuesday, 17 December 2013


We have already sung at three carol services, the first at the above church last Sunday morning, and it made us feel quite 'Christmassy'. The service started with a team of handbell ringers, which I always enjoy. I don't know why it is that this form of music is so charming. It's very simple music, and  very restful. A small visiting choir (most of whom we know quite well) sung on their own several times during the service, but when the congregation and the choir sang the service came to life. The church, which as you can see is only a small one, was quite full, and the accoustics were good. We drove home, having been served sherry and mince pies, and  feeling that the Christmas season was well begun.  The above Church is about a mile and a half out of Highdale, and we have been attending services there this last few weeks.

The second Carol service was held this morning in the above building - the Row Chapel. It was build in the 1400s to serve the long row of Alms Houses behind it. The Alms houses have been rebuilt - notably in the 1870s, and the Row Chapel has been restored and repaired at various times, but remains basically the same.
The below photo shows the back view of the Row Chapel.

And the below photo shows the interior of the Chapel.

It was crowded for this morning's Carol Service. I would think that quite fifty people were packed in, all lustily singing seasonal songs, after which we were served mulled wine and mince pies.

The third Carol Service I mentioned was held this afternoon  in one of our 'Care Homes for the elderly', who appeared to appreciate it. We were served cups of tea half way through.

I am going to have to cut this short because we have sprung a leak. I don't mean that either Ann or I have sprung a leak. But the roof has - and it's raining. We've got a bloke coming to look at it, but it won't be for a day or so. In the meantime we are rushing about moving books. Thank The Lord I'm now officially allowed to lift and carry things.

Oh yes, and.....................................................God rest ye Merry Gentlefolk.


Z said...

What a lovely chapel, you do have wonderful old buildings down your way. Hope the source of the leak is quickly found and repaired.

Liz said...

What a gorgeous little building that chapel looks.

Sorry to hear about the leak. Water ingress, even a small amount, is horrible. Hope it is fixed soon.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Z and Liz. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to get a workman out to look at it. Two, so far, have promised to come and have a look before the end of the week "if possible". Then, this afternoon, Ann spent 30 minutes to get through to our House Insurance people, and every minute or so a recording cut in to "thank us for our patience", which was by that time wearing a little thin. Yesterday evening we spent a couple of hours moving my books out of the middle hall. They were mainly paperbacks, but many of them will be damaged beyond hope of ever being readable again. We only get water in the house following fairly heavy rain, we think. We keep telling each other that it could be a lot worse, which is true of course. It's still a great nuisance.