Thursday, 26 December 2013

Thursday - Boxing Day.

Very quick report on Christmas Day. We all (that is Ann, meself, Ruth, Tuva, and Freja)  went to the above Church for family Communion Service at ten a.m. A very nice service. Should perhaps report that Ruth, Tuva, and Freja went to Midnight Mass at Saint Mary's Church, Highdale, on Christmas Eve. Home, coffee, then I went and picked up friend Sylvia, who was having lunch with us. Got home in time to have a glass of sloe gin with Sylvia, then to kitchen to carve the beef.  Very good lunch!

After lunch to drawing room, where we opened presents and Sylvia had her first introduction to an Ipod (Tuva's) together with a first lesson from Tuva (see photo below). It always pleases me to see teenagers getting on well with their seniors, as happened here; although I think Sylvia would get on well with anyone.

We're all whizzing round preparing for a family invasion in an hour or so (well, bar me, that is; although I've been told that, once all the cooking's done, I can go and carve the rest of the beef, to be served cold today).

More later perhaps.

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