Friday, 20 December 2013


Been a very active day, today. Ann was saying yesterday evening that she had quite a lot of 'last minute shopping' to do before Christmas, so I set the alarm clock at 6.30 a.m., and rather to my surprise it woke me up at that time. Usually, when I set the alarm, I wake up about five minutes before it's due to go off, then Switch it off, so it doesn't wake Ann. Anyhow this morning it DID wake us both at 6.30 a.m., so we got up, washed, dressed, breakfasted, and hit the road at about a quarter to eight. Then motored over to Sudbury, and to Waitrose's excellent shop.  And do you know? We'd got it right! The car park was about a third full, and the shop was reasonably quiet. We got everything we thought we'd need, and I even found some decentish wine which they occasionally have but more often haven't. By the time we'd paid for the goodies and loaded the car for the return journey it was just after half past eight and the shop and car park were hotting up nicely; so it was worth getting up that bit earlier.  Back to Highdale, went to Cafe Church for a coffee and a bacon buttie apiece. Coffee and bacon good, bread was white, pappy and a bit indigestible. I'm spoilt for bread - Ann always makes ours, and very good it is, too. Rest of the day a bit of a blur. Insurance company says we must get TWO estimates for repairing the  the house leak. So a local builder came and looked at the job this afternoon. Still not too sure what causes the house to leak when it rains hard. Still our old friend David is coming in the morning to look at it and give us the second estimate. In the meantime we've cleared the whole of that area, so that when it next rains, it will only entail mopping up (tiled floors in that area). Good many of my favourite paper backs spoilt beyond redemption, though. After supper said to Ann that I aught to do a blog entry, but hadn't any photies. Ann suggested that we take a quick one of ourselves in our working clobber. At her further suggestion took it in a mirror (full length one in the back bedroom, and as Ann said 'That way, you'll see us the right way round'.  Do you know, though; this selfie business is not as easy as you'd think. The above effort was the  NINTH snap I took.
Still, it'll have to do.
                         Been a long day and we've agreed to have an early night:
                         So - Goodnight All.


Rog said...

Well done Mike!
Oh on...Selfie!

Mike and Ann said...

Of course taking a photie in a mirror doesn't show the taker the right way round. It gives us a 'miror image'.

Nea said...

Impressive. You're way ahead of me, I've only recently learnt the meaning of YOLO.
c u soon

Mike and Ann said...

I've worked out the meaning of c u soon, but I don't know the meaning of Y O L O. Elucidation please daughter ? Although on second thoughts you can tell me when you get here- fingers crossed for fair weather.
C U & so on.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Should have said - We're really looking forward to seeing the three of you. Please give Lasse our love.

Crowbard said...

Is that the Swedish culinary year cycle? I think YOLO indicates 2014, the Year Of Lamb & Oregano!

Lori Skoog said...

Mike and sound just as busy as ever! You have made life a real adventure. Thank you for the Christmas Greetings and keeping tabs on Skoog Farm. When are you going to come for a visit? Enjoy the season and keep us tuned in to all the latest.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Crowbard. Lamb and oregano???
I think I'd prefer lamb and rosemary, or possibly lamb and mint sauce.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Lori and Gary. Yes, we stay good and busy. Well - busy anyway, as I know you both do. It's always a pleasure to visit Skoog Farm, via your blog. We're looking forward to seeing Ruth/Nea and the Girls over Christmas (weather permitting), and indeed, all the family on Boxing Day.
We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
Love, Mike and Ann.