Monday, 23 December 2013


It's a little after nine on Monday evening and we've just had a 'phone call from Lizzie to say that Ruth's plane   from Trondheim has landed safely at Gatwick.  I'm afraid there might now be a few days' gap in this blog, as things are going to be quite hectic here for a day or so.  Although I'll try and remember  to take lots of family photos to put in my post Christmas blog entry.

                                                 We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Crowbard said...

Same to you and yours dear Bruv

Jude and I wish all of you every seasonal blessing and a selection of unseasonal ones as well, particularly in respect to the weather!
Kindest regards to all your readers too.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Carl and Jude. Have a good Christmas and please convey my warm regards to your daughters and their husbands. Oh yes, and please give my great Niece a Grand Avuncular (but gentle) pat on the head from us.

Crowbard said...

Errr.... are you sure Mike? She's got tooty-pegs y'know! My reflex's need oiling before I'd take those kinds of risks.

Maggie said...

Many Blessings to you all dearest brother! We are looking forward to our first Christmas in Cornwall.

Emma was handfasted to Lawrence on the 23rd December at St Nectans Waterfall (making it legal in the new year). I am so happy for her, he is a very special chap and just right for Emma. They are coming for Christmas day and then Mark's family are driving down on boxing day for a few days which will be wonderful.
The parish church here (St Materiana) is lovely and has a very special atmosphere. It is open all day which is nice as the side chapel is lovely for quiet prayers at any time. It is right up on the cliffs, very dramatic!

Give my love to Ruth and the girls and thank her for the card which is beautifully drawn.

Have a wonderful Christmas, much love to you all xxx

Pat said...

ehstabl learnedA merry Christmas and a happy healthy 2014.
Love to Ruth.
Love your tree.

Zoe Sprake said...

I hope she didn't have too bumpy a ride, in view of the weather.

Have a wonderful family Christmas, dearest Mike and Ann.

Mike and Ann said...

Crowbard- Yes, I assumed she's now got 'tooty pegs'. Why do you think I prefer to pat her on the head by proxy?

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Maggie. Look forward to meeting Lawrance. Got home with Ruth and the girls about an hour ago. Been a fairly nightmare journey for them. And I Don't refer to Ann's driving on the last leg of the journey. That was probably the quietest and most restful part.
Have a good Christmas, and our love to all.
Mike and Ann.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat. I'll pass your message on to Ruth. Have a good Christmas.
Love from us all, Mike and Ann.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. Ruth's account of the flight (well, the landing anyway) is fairly nightmarish. Liz picked them up at Gatwick, and drove them them to her home in Chiswick. that part of the journey sounds much on a par with the flight. Liz drove them up to Baldock this morning, where we lunched with Ann's brother, David and Jo, his wife. Then home with us. Today's journeyings were fairly restful, according to Ruth, when compared with yesterday's.

Trust you and Russell are having a good, family Christmas.

Love to you both, Ann and Mike.