Sunday, 29 December 2013


Last few snaps taken over Christmas. The above was drawn by youngest granddaughter  F......, who, at thirteen, is quite a good artist. I got her to sign it, explaining that when she is a famous artist, it will be more valuable if signed.  So she signed it, then gave me the picture!.

This is daughter Ruth, after her daughters had done some artwork to her hair style.

Above is granddaughter T.... making a spectacle of herself.

Above shows the two sisters playing with one of Santa's more popular stocking gifts (their bubble blowing sets). They even let me have a go!

 And this is a photograph taken in the garden, just before we ran them into Ipswich to catch the London train to go to Lizzie's. They fly from Gatwick tomorrow.


This morning we went to the ten a.m. Service at Kersey Church. It was a glorious day; indeed it has been a lovely Christmas season, weather wise, one of the best I can remember in recent years. After lunch it was such a lovely afternoon, that we decided to blow the cobwebs away by going for a long walk along our riverside. There was still frost in patches in the woods, but it was a bright and cheerful day, and we both felt better for our walk.

                                     Good Night All.


Rog said...

A bit of youth rubs off on you when you mingle!

Mike and Ann said...

Nice thought, Rog. I wonder if the reverse is true too? Perhaps a bit of wisdom rubs off in the other direction?