Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tuesday - Christmas Eve.

Set out at a quarter to ten this morning, taking the above two photoes through the car window in Clare. Then motored on to Stotfold, where we met up with Ann's brother David  and his wife Jo. Had coffee with them . then we all four went on to Baldock where we met Liz (our youngest daughter) and her youngest daughter, Beth, who had driven up from London, bringing with them daughter Ruth and her daughters Tuva and Freja. Liz had collected the Swedish contingent from Gatwick yesterday evening. They'd spent the night with Liz, then  all journeyed up to Baldock where we met up, had lunch, then drove back  to Highdale  bringing Ruth, Tuva, and Freja with us. Got home a little after five.

Lovely Sunset over Suffolk , taken through the car window when we were nearly home. The girls have just gone up to bed. They were nearly asleep in their chairs. It's been quite a journey for them. Train, 'bus, then train from Northern Sweden to Trondheim, in Norway.  Flight from Norway to Gatwick. Last part of flight eventful - (awful weather). The pilot had to make two attempts at landing, the second fairly successful.  Ruth says that those passengers who were able gave the pilot a round of applause. "What were those who weren't able doing?" I asked.  "Oh, they were busy using the bags provided by the airline".

Then with Liz by car through a thoroughly windy rainstorm to Chiswick. Then, as detailed above, home today with Liz, then us. I think it could fairly be called an epic journey.

          Goodnight All.

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