Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Granny Sarah, Great Granny Annie, Great grand daughter Astrid, and her mother (our grand daughter) Amelia, in  Granny Sarah's kitchen last weekend (left to right -  of course).

P.s. If  you look at Ann's  right elbow (and embiggen the picture a bit)  you  will notice a nicely embroidered flower on her grey jumper. It's  a long story  but to cut it short Ann noticed that  a very favourite woolly jumper had moth holes in it. Ann killed the moth by washing the garment  in a special wool detergent, and was mourning over it at Christmas to the Swedish grand daughters.  The  senior one said she thought she might be able to help, and worked on it that evening.
 She embroidered flowers over the ex-moth holes in similar coloured wool, and it looks really good again  - even better as far as Ann's concerned, in that it was done (with love) by a granddaughter.


P.s. Ann says people now think  it's  a 'designer garment'.



Crowbard said...

People are of course correct in thinking it a designer garment considering the multi-layered craft/design/artistic talents and abilities of yourself and your descendants.

Rog said...

Every aspect of this little tale is lovely!

Mike said...

Thank you Crowbard.

Mike said...

Thank you, Rog. Ann was as pleased as punch to have it back wearable.