Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Walked into town  this morning (a lovely bright, but cold, morning). Did a little shopping, then went on to  lipreading class, for a 'refresher' course.  Took the above photo of St. Mary's Church, when walking back.

Took the above photo of  our only  hotel in  town while walking home. There  are several large old coaching inns in town, that  at one time would have been turned into hotels, but  all of these have been  cut up into flats/small houses, and sold (or let) as such.

Been fairly busy all week, since  the  Christmas season ended, and got several jobs waiting to be done.  In fact I must get stuck into one such job that's been waiting for far too long for attention. If all goes well, might turn it into a blog entry.

Warm regards to all, 
Mike and Ann. 

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