Friday, 13 January 2017


The four  photos shown here are of this week's  'Mystery Object'. It was purchased at last week's Long Melford Antique Fair. It is a little under two inches long, and on a chain that is seven inches long.   

Can you guess what it is, where and when it was made, and where the chain would hang. I think it would be only fair to add that it is made of polished iron/steel.

Good guessing regards, Mike.


kippy said...

A chatelaine clip?

kippy said...

A chatellaine clip?

Crowbard said...

What a desirable piece of work; I suspect it probably hung from a chatelaine, Mike. Although in appearance it is very similar to a pair of folding scissors, I believe it is a two-bladed 'pen-knife' or fruit-knife, as evidenced by the two central springs.

Margaret Brocklehurst said...

Pure guess work as I cannot see what else it would be used for, is it a personal incense carrier/burner?

Mike said...

Hello Kippy. Yes, it is made to be hung from a chatelaine.

Crowbard - Yes, you are quite right. It is a double bladed pen/fruit knife. I'll put up an illustration showing the two blades.

Hello Maggie. Yes, I can quite see that the pierced iron work could well look rather like a censor - intelligent guess.