Tuesday, 24 January 2017


About ten years ago when staying with eldest daughter Sarah and her family, she took us to  a carol service at a village nearby in an otherwise disused Parish Church. The church was full of nice early wall paintings, all of circa 1480. One of the paintings appeared to show the contents of a village forge  (as far as I know this is  unique) and Sarah promised to go back when we could. She was a s good as her word, we went back this last weekend, and Sarah had spoken to  one of the Church Wardens and had got me permission to take photographs. Above is the painting of the produce of the village forge, with a close up below it.  There are more photos, which I'll endeavour to put up later. These two show horse shoes, hammers, locks and keys. Just to the left of centre is what appears to be a canvas tool bag, of a type that blacksmiths carried to outlying farms in my boyhood !!! How little things have changed, and in  the last few years, HOW  MUCH!!!!!

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