Thursday, 2 February 2017


Earlier this morning Ann called me into the garden, where the washing was blowing briskly in the sun. "Isn't that a lovely sight?" she said.  It was . It didn't feel a bit  like February.

About ten minutes or so later Ann called me back into the garden.
"Isn't  that a  tragic sight?"   she said.

"Partridges!"  we both said. Partridges  is our old established (1829) hardware shop in town. Ann's just come back from town with the good news that Partridges did  in fact have a similar   replacement  washing  line in stock.  Must go upstairs and effect the necessary replacement. 

Went upstairs and Ann had already done the necessary replacement. Should have known!


Crowbard said...

It's an ill wind that brings no-one good-luck. (At least Messrs. Partridges had the pleasure of your custom.)
Some people may think that such a careless wind was disgusting, but that would be so wrong etymologically speaking! If anything, it must have been overgusting!

Lori Skoog said...

It sure does not look like that here! We have snow and the temperature is 17 degrees.
Clothes smell so much better when you hang them outside! Hope all is well. Are you enjoying what's happening over here every single day? It sure is a crazy time.